Absinthe Spoon


Fee Brothers Falernum Syrup 1Qt

A taste from the Islands. The flavors of lime juice, almond and ginger. Try Falernum in a Barbados Rum Punch or a Trade Winds.


Fee Brothers Olive Brine 12.8oz

Olive Brine has been used for some time in making a Dirty Martini. Fee Brothers makes Olive Brine from the actual brine created when processing green olives. It is filtered just enough to leave olive solids which provide that characteristic Dirty Martini cloud and the pleasant taste of a green olive....


Fee Brothers Orange Flower Water 4oz.

Orange water is distilled from orange blossoms. Orange water adds a hint of flavor and an intense aroma to any pairing.


Fee Brothers Rose Water 4oz.

Use the historic taste of Fee Brothers Rose water in your next cocktail creation to develop a depth of flavor and bouquet.


Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Bitters 4oz.

Freshly emptied oak whiskey barrels from America’s best distillers, interiors charred and soaked with aged whiskey, are used by Fee Brothers to age aromatic bitters. Savor the result of the mingling of these great flavors.


John D Taylor’s Velvet Falernum

This famous Bajan Gold Medal” beverage and mixer with a uniquely refreshing flavour was developed by John D. Taylor of Bridgetown, Barbados in 1890. This sugar cane based liqueur born and bred in Barbados is a staple of every Bajan’s bar. Its uniquely refreshing flavor comes from a refined infusion of...


Old South Fancy Garden Mix 16oz.

An explosion of fresh taste! That's what you'll find nestled in this bottle of garden-rich vegetables. Old South's unique combination of baby corn, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, carrots, and jalapeno peppers is unlike any other mix you'll find. It's truly a dynamic appetizer or zesty accompaniment to any meal!


Old South Green Tomato Relish 16oz.

Made from an old family recipe, Old South Green Tomato Relish is the best you will ever taste! This flavorful relish is perfect with catfish or steaks. Mix it with a pot of beans and you will be hooked!


Old South Hot Pickled Brussel Sprouts 16oz.

Remember when your mother told you to eat your Brussels Sprouts”? Had they been this delicious, this spicy, you would have asked for seconds! Add interest to your relish trays or partner with Bloody Marys.


Old South Pickled Asparagus 16oz.

Crisp and delicious, harvested at the peak of flavor, you’ll want to finish the entire jar. Truly irresistible! These asparagus spears make a sensational garnish or appetizer, and can be the gourmet touch” as a stirrer for Bloody Marys.


Old South Pickled Baby Carrots 8oz.

Suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary! Enjoy the zesty crunch of this nutritious snack. Add color and excitement to your salads, party trays, or wherever your imagination leads.


Old South Pickled Beets 16oz.

This sweet treat is perfect for salads and as an accompaniment to grilled pork chops. Old South Pickled Beets are so flavorful that you won't be able to eat just one!


Old South Pickled Eggs 16oz.

Old South Pickled Eggs are great for picnics or anywhere that you want a delicious, low-carb snack. Chop them up in salads, or just eat them by themselves. Pickled eggs are an all-time favorite.


Old South Pickled Green Beans 16oz.

A revival of historic taste from a simpler time when fresh-picked vegetables were preserved by pickling rather than steam canning. The vibrant flavors and textures of yesteryear are captured today in this Old South recipe.


Old South Pickled Jalapeno Slices 16oz.

Spectacular and feisty! Probably one of the most delicious taste-sensations you’ll ever experience. Old South’s jalapenos add a delightful kick to any food serving, including nachos, baked beans, cheese dips, and an endless array of Mexican dishes.


Old South Pickled Jumbo Cocktail Onions 16oz.

Garnish Martinis and Gibsons with these scrumptious jumbo cocktail onions to deliver a tart and flavorful finish. Ahhh, perfection at day’s end!


Old South Pickled Watermelon Rind 20oz.

Tangy, delectable, and diverse-their specialty since l947! A perfect accompaniment for beef, pork, fish, and poultry dishes…adds zest to tuna salad, sauces, and dressings…or, can be cubed and wrapped in bacon for sumptuous hors d’oeuvres. So delicious, the first cookbook published in the U.S. contained a recipe for Sweet Pickled Watermelon...


Old South Tom Olives 16oz.

No, it’s not an olive, but a unique pickled tomato grown from their exclusive seed. Hand-picked, cured, and finished in small batches. Tomolives make the Ultimate”martini garnish and will liven any relish tray! Ketel One Vodka has chosen the Tomolive® as the exclusive garnish for its signature Ultimate Martini .


Old South Tom Olives 32oz.

No, it's not an olive, but a unique pickled tomato that is grown from our exclusive seed. When the tomatoes arrive at our plant, we grade them and place them in small curing tanks. After they have properly aged, we remove them from the tanks, grade them again, and pack the...

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Old South Tom Olives 8 oz.

No, it's not an olive, but a unique pickled tomato that is grown from our exclusive seed. When the tomatoes arrive at our plant, we grade them and place them in small curing tanks. After they have properly aged, we remove them from the tanks, grade them again, and pack the...


Pat O' Briens Hurricane Mix 36oz

Re-create the fun times of Mardi Gras. The excitement of Bourbon Street. A taste of New Orleans is made easily with Pat O’Brien’s® Hurricane Cocktail Mix. It is the perfect cocktail mix for house specialty drinks. Served in bars, restaurants and hotels Around the World. Manufactured using only the finest ingredients...


Whipped Lightning Chocolate Mint Whipahol 375ml

16.75% alc/vol (33.5 Proof) What happens when you combine everyone’s favorite flavor Chocolate with a touch of mint? You end up with one seriously tasty whipped topping! Try Chocolate Mint Whipahol for yet another fun Whipped Lightning twist on a well-loved flavor.


Whipped Lightning Spiced Vanilla Whipahol 375ml.

18.25% alc/vol (36.5 Proof) Vanilla bean with a hint of cinnamon and rum, we don’t call it spiced for nothing. Top off your ice cream, coffee or specialty martini; Spiced Vanilla Whipahol steps it up a notch (or two).