Libbeys Catalina Glass 14oz.

This tall beer glass is perfect for housing your ice cold brew.


Libbeys Cosmo Glass 10oz.

Serve anything from mixed drinks and spritzers, to red and white wine with a splash of pizzazz in this intriguing 10 oz. Libbey 401 Cosmopolitan wine glass. The Libbey 401 Cosmopolitan wine glass features gently sloping sides and an extra thick base for added stability.


Libbeys English Pub Glass 20oz.

Featuring the standard look of an international English pint glass, this 20 oz. English pub glass is designed with a classic nonic shape for increased strength and durability, as well as a crystal clear construction that lets the colors of your rich brews shine through. It's perfect for restaurants, bars, and...


Libbeys Goblet 12oz.

These stunning goblets make a great addition to any bar or table. Perfect for showcasing your most celebrated vintage wines at your dinner party or event.


Libbeys Hurricane Glass 23oz.

Hurricane glass is perfect for serving tasty frozen or blended drinks at home or poolside bar. Its classic design is accented by a sturdy footed base.


Libbeys Pilsner Glass 16oz.

This long, tall pilsner glass is perfect for showcasing the pale clarity of a truly fine pilsner beer, and the bulge at the glass's mouth helps to retain foamy heads and enhance the aromatic qualities of the beer. Constructed with quality drinking experience in mind and a wide, stable foot that...