Oak Barrel


Original Whiskey Ball

Invented by avid scotch-whiskey drinkers, The Whiskey Ball has more volume and less surface area than a traditional ice cube- so they melt slower. Now, you can bring the artesian science of slow-melting ice spheres to your home without any complicated or expensive machinery. Incredibly easy to use, just add water,...


Sipping Stones Handcrafted Whiskey Rocks

Sipping Stones is the aficionado’s choice for shilling a drink. Eliminating a common problem, Sipping Stones cools your drick perfectly without the dilution from melting ice. Each set contains nine finely crafted cubes made from one hunder percent soapstone. A sophisticated alternative to ice, Sipping Stones will chill your beverage without...


Sparq Wine Pearls

These insanely chic and sleek designed stainless steel wine pearls keep wine and cocktails chilled until the last drop. Simply freeze and pop them into a glass of wine or favorite cocktail. These sophisticated wine pearls keep glasses of wine and red wine, as well as specialty drinks like martinis and...


The Bartender's Black Book

In it's 8th printing now with 2800 recipes the Bartender's Black Book is indispensible. This latest edition includes a new martini section. Free shipping with additional order.


Wine Rack Hanging Caddy

PLEASE NOTE: We carry the BLACK model. Hold up to six wine bottles or link two together to store twelve with this designer wine rack. unique doesn't do it justice. Height: 25in., Width 12in., depth: 6in.


Wine Yoke Wine Holster and Strap

The WineYoke™ hands free wine glass holder is the perfect accessory for wine tasting or wine events. The WineYoke™ offers you hands free holding of your wine glass while you enjoy hors d’oeuvres and socializing with friends. The WineYoke™ makes a perfect gift for any wine lover. The WineYoke™ is light...

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