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We're offering spectacular prices on dozens of 2000 and 2003 Bordeaux. This is your opportunity to pick up ready-to-drink wines from two of the best vintages in memory. Enjoy these now for a fraction of what you might pay for the still immature 2009 or 2010.

All of these wines have been kept in our temperature-controlled cellar since release. Original wood is available for most wines upon request. You can place any of these items in your cart to see up-to-the-minute inventory. But hurry, the best wines will go fast.

Chateau Beausejour Becot 2003

WS 90 WA 93

rws29975Regular price: $55.77Sale price: $44.99

Chateau Charmail 2003

WA 88-90 IWC 88-91


Chateau Charmail 3L 2003

WA 88-90 IWC 88-91


Chateau Clos De Prince 2000

WA 88-90

rws25063Regular price: $37.01Sale price: $28.99

Chateau Clos du Marquis 1.5L 2003

WS 90 WA 90 IWC 90


Chateau Clos du Marquis 375ml 2003

WS 90 WA 90 IWC 90


Chateau Clos l'Eglise 1.5L 2003

WS 88 IWC 89

rws30306Regular price: $70.31Sale price: $44.99

Chateau Clos l'Eglise 2003

The Sainte Colombe plateau, the highest point in the Côtes de Castillon, is an extension of the Saint Emilion limestone plateau, and shares the same essential characteristics: excellent clay-limestone soil, fine south-facing sun exposure, good drainage due to its slope location, an excellent water regime because of the limestone substrate, and...

WS 88 IWC 89


Chateau Clos l'Eglise 375ml 2003

WS 88 IWC 89

rws30856Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $9.99

Chateau Clos les Lunelles 2003

WA 92 IWC 89-92


Chateau d'Armailhac 1.5L 2003

WS 91 WA 90


Chateau Destieux 2000

WA 90


Chateau Du Tertre 1.5Liter 2003

WS 88 WA 90 IWC 88


Chateau Du Tertre 3.0Liter 2003

WS 88 WA 90 IWC 88


Chateau Franc Maillet 1.5L 2003

With large formats, to lay a wine down in the proper conditions will allow more time for flavors to integrate themselves thus creating a more complex wine. Always highly recommended.


Chateau Franc Maillet 2003

WS 87


Chateau Franc Maillet 375ml 2003

Half bottles are great for gifts!


Chateau Franc Maillet Cuvee Jean Baptist 2003

WS 87 WA 87-90


Chateau Gachon 2003

Gradual hillsides of gravel and clay in this satellite of northern Saint-Emilion are the home of Monsieur Gerard Arpin and his delightful red wines. Made from 70% Merlot and equal parts of both Cabernets the wine is a deep ruby with purple hues and has a soft nose of cherry, cassis,...


Chateau Gracia 2003

Lowest Price on the net. Compare to the 2009 or 2010 vintage at $150+!

IWC 90

rws30077Regular price: $99.01Sale price: $59.99

Chateau Issan 1.5Liter 2003

WS 89 WA 90


Chateau Jardin De Petit Village 2000

65% Merlot, 17% Cabernet Franc, 18% cabernet Sauvignon

WS 87

rws25105Regular price: $58.48Sale price: $23.99

Chateau L'Arrosee 2000

WS 92 WA 89

rws25133Regular price: $100.16Sale price: $64.99

Chateau La Tour Blanche 375ml 2003

WS 97 WA 96


Chateau La Tour Mallet 2000

WS 89 WA 87-88


Chateau Lalande Borie 1.5L 2003

WS 87


Chateau Lalande Borie 2003

WS 87

rws29329Regular price: $26.80Sale price: $24.99

Chateau Larmande 2000

WS 89


Chateau le Gay 2003

WS 90 WA 90

rws29985Regular price: $80.00Sale price: $49.99

Chateau Milens 2000

WS 89-91 WA 89

rws25150Regular price: $36.45Sale price: $29.99

Chateau Mont Perat 2003

WA 87


Chateau Peby Faugeres 2003

WS 93 WA 93

rws29995Regular price: $78.87Sale price: $59.99

Chateau Potensac 1.5L 2003

WS 88 WA 89 IWC 89


Chateau St. Dominique 2000

Saint Domingue, another marvel from the same owner as Saint Dominique in Saint-Emilion. Situated next to Cheval Blanc on the edge of the Pomerol. This Saint Emilion village has all the class of a Grand Cru. Deep purple in colour. Intense aromas of stewed black berries and creme de cassis. Soft...

WS 92 WA 92

rws25192Regular price: $76.41Sale price: $59.99

Chateau Vrai Canon Bouche 2003

WA 88-90


Les Angelots de Gracia 2003

While overripeness, heavy extraction and plenty of new oak were the bywords for the initial garage wines, things had started to change by the 2003 vintage. The goal was then to pick at just the right time, lock in the fruit, adapt maceration to each vintage, age the wine a little...

rws30075Regular price: $66.86Sale price: $39.99