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Unibroue Ephemere -Apple Flavored Beer 750ml

Apple phémère Color - Straw yellow with hues of jade Apple-Éphémère possesses a fresh apple aroma with reminiscent notes of Granny Smith and McIntosh a subtle flavor of green apple is complemented by delicate notes of fruit and spice topped by a rich white head. Excellent as an aperitif, very refreshing and...


Unibroue Maudite 750ml

In November 1992 Maudite (the damned one), was the first strong beer to be distributed in Quebec grocery stores. It contains 8 % alcohol and is also the first beer brewed in America that improves with age. When served young, it is very smooth, but when served after several years of...


Unibroue Trois Pistoles 750ml

Trois Pistoles was launched in June of 1997. It contains 9% alcohol and is brewed with roasted malt. Its rich, smooth texture, and the presence of yeast used for in-bottle refermentation give it a very distinctive flavour. This dark beer and has an aroma of ripe fruit and a pleasant aftertaste...