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Bavik Pils 6 pack

Color: very light, hardly any sparkling, fine white head Taste: the bitterness introduced already in the aroma, comes completely forward in the aftertaste. Considered one of the top Pilsners during the Michael Jackson International Pilsner tasting in Beer Passion Magazine, autumn 2000, where 27 Pilsners from around the world were blind’...


Bitburger Pils 6-pack 12oz. Bottles

Bitburger guarantees premium quality and enjoyment. Drawing on almost 200 years of expertise, the full-bodied, light, Bitburger Premium Beer is of course brewed according to the German Purity Law. Its popular, dry-finished, hoppy taste has secured Bitburger Premium Beer position as Germany's no. 1 draught beer. Type: bottom-fermented Style: full beer...


Brassiere Dupont Saison Foret

Foret is an unfiltered organic Belgian ale from this well respected artisan brewery, better known for their classic Saison. It has a lumpy, rocky head and a pleasing pale golden colour. The nose is a complex blend of spices and fruit- coriander, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, figs, and a hint of toffee. In the mouth there are lots of phenols and esters adding lightness to the texture, with complex spicy malt and a subtle burning strength in the back of the throat. However, the strength is well disguised on the tongue- it is smooth and not too lively ( despite the 'pop' when pulling the cork ). Aftertaste is long, zesty, malty and spicy. This was for a long time the most interesting organic beer in the database, and is still one of the best. It's certainly well deserving of the World Beer Championships Top 10 award... , James Rodewald Gourmet Magazine, June 2002


Carlsberg Elephant Beer 6-pack 330ml. Bottles

Carlsberg Elephant is a true Carlsberg classic. First launched in 1959, it is strong like an elephant in both flavour and alcohol content, offering adventurous beer drinkers across the continent a unique and exotic taste experience. The colour is light golden amber and the foam white as the tip of the...


Coopers Lager 12oz.

Coopers Lager is quite different to the famous Coopers ales. This lager produces a refreshing flavour with a good balance of malt and hop characters and is brewed using no sugar. It has subtle fruity esters and light golden colour, combined with a judicious blend of Light Stable and Saaz hops...


Emelisse Double IPA


Harp Irish Ale 6-pack 12oz. Bottles

Harp is perhaps the most famous Irish lager in the found in the U.S. Burnished copper in color, this beer is floral, clean and aromatic on the nose, and has a mellow, round, sweetish” flavor. It is a medium-bodied beer that, though refreshing, is quite hollow and weak in the finish....


Hitachino Nest Beer Sweet Milk Stout 23.4 oz.

Kiuchi brewery was established by Kiuchi Gihei who was the village headman of the country Naka-gun Kounosu village in 1823. The Kiuchi family was collecting rice as land tax from farmhouse and paid those rice to Mito Tokugawa family. Kiuchi Gihei thought brewing Sake will be more efficient than keep those...


Hitachino White Ale

From Japan's most prestigious brewery, Hitachino Nest White Ale is a refreshing, mildly hopped witbier brewed with coriander, nutmeg, orange peel, and fresh orange juice. I ts citrusy, sweet-fruity-tart (natural acidity of the fresh orange juice) flavor profile makes it a unique Japanese interpretation of the Belgian Witbeer style. Perle &...


Kelpie Seaweed Ale

Prior to the 1850's Scottish coastal alehouses brewed with malted barley, grown in fields fertilised by seaweed. This environment gave the barley a very specific flavour which we recreate by the inclusion of fresh seaweed in the mash tun. A rich dark chocolate ale, which has the aroma of a fresh...


Kronenbourg 1664 Beer 6-pack 330ml. Bottles

Kronenbourg 1664 is a lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine taste. Its golden hues and delicate bitterness come from selecting the best hops (the Strisselspalt), and the unique know-how of one of the French master brewers, for over 300 years. Strisselspalt is also named the caviar of hops...


Menabrea Amber Beer 330ml.

A speciality of Maerzen style. Made with malt, maize, hops and water. A full-bodied beer belying its alcoholic strength. Colour: Amber with bronze overtones Body : Rounded Bitterness: Moderate Taste balance: Notable


Mikkeller It's Alive


Moretti Lager 6-pack 330ml. Bottles

Birra Moretti is a quality beer made in the traditional way. It is the result of a production process that has remained almost unchanged since 1859. The best raw materials are used to make Birra Moretti, as well as a special blend of high quality hops that gives it a unique...


Mythos Hellenic Lager 6-pack 330ml. Bottles

The most famous Hellenic Beer. The lager with the rich head, bright golden color, and pleasant refreshing taste. Brewed from select varieties of barley and hops, Mythos guarantees pleasure in every occasion. Mythos is the authentic Hellenic beer that was created in 1997, and is brewed until today in Thessaloniki, Greece....


Nogne-O Porter


Nomada Royal Porter


Ommegang Rare VOS Ale


Peroni Pilsner 6 pack

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is brewed using the creativity and flair of Italians. It is Italy’s number one premium beer; a crisp and refreshing lager with an unmistakable character and a touch of Italian style.


Pilsner Urquel 6-pack 12oz. Bottles

For generations Pilsner’s dedicated, passionate brew masters have ensured that Pilsner Urquell with its distinctive darker shade of gold and snow white head has maintained its uncompromised purity of flavour. Since 1842 they have used only the purest, most natural ingredients to create a beer of golden opulence. From the soft...


Pyramid Brewing Hefe Weizen Beer 6 pack

Brewed by the original Wheat Beer Pioneers, Pyramid Hefe Weizen is left unfiltered for extra flavor and aroma. Handcrafted with 60% malted wheat (10% more than Bavarian tradition calls for), Pyramid's award-winning Hefe Weizen is unsurpassed in quality and exceptionally smooth and refreshing for the whole beer experience. Original Gravity: 12.5...


Rebel Beer 6 pack

Rebel has the rare quality of being full bodied and tasty, yet still thirst quenching and drinkable. The balance betwen the bitter Saaz hops and sweet Bohemian brewery-produced malt is perfect, both initially and at the finish. It is a uniquely satisfying beer.


Samichlaus Bier 4-Pack 330ml. Bottles

One of the rarest beers in the world, brewed only once a year on December 6th, subsequently fermented and matured for about 10 months before bottling in October. Thus Samichlaus is a vintage beer and with around 14 % of alcohol by volume the strongest bottom-fermented lager in the world. Samichlaus...


Staropramen Pilsner 500ml.

In every glass of Staropramen lies the free spirit of Prague. Within this city of lovable sins, Staropramen will inspire to savour your zest for life amongst your friends. The well balanced, full bodied, highly drinkable and pleasantly smooth taste of our Premium Lager offers a rewarding pleasure of the genuine...


Stella Artois Beer 6-pack 330ml. Bottles

Stella Artois was first brewed as a Christmas beer in Leuven. It was named Stella”, Latin for star”, from the Star of Christmas, and Artois, after Sebastian Artois, founder of the brewery. It is brewed to perfection using the original Stella Artois yeast and only the best ingredients including the celebrated...


Tona Beer 6-pack 12oz. Bottles

Tona Cerveza is produced by Compania Cervecera de Nicaragua. CCN has been producing top quality beer since 1926 and is one of the most technologically advanced brewers in the Americas. The Style Tona Cerveza is the #1 selling beer in Nicaragua. Using 100% natural ingredients, Tona is a smooth tasting premium...


Tsing Tao Beer 6-pack 12oz. Bottles

Tsingtao Lager has a crisp, slightly malty flavor and nutty sweet taste which complements spicy or flavorful Asian cuisine. Tsingtao Lager is brewed with the finest all-natural ingredients including domestically-grown hops, high quality barley and spring water from China's Laoshan mountain region. Alcohol Content: 3.8% alcohol by weight, 4.8% alcohol by...


Tusker Beer 12oz.

THE TUSKER STORY Kenya Breweries was formally registered on December 8, 1922, by George And Charles Hurst. Their first beer was brewed in small copper vessels heated by Kuni fires. It was bottled by hand and the Breweries' first order of ten cases was personally delivered to the General Manager of...


Victoria 12pk


Victoria 6pk


Xiingu Gold


Xingu Black Lager 6 pack

Xingu Black Beer is named after the Xingu River, in the Amazon Rainforest. Inspired by old Indian recipes, Xingu Beer is a two time winner of the Beverage Taste Insitute of Chicago's Gold Medal as the best dark lager in the WORLD! This exceptional beer is a great success in Brazil...