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Winner of 7 European Gold Medals! Not yet reviewed by the U.S. wine press.

The Dream
With a lifetime in wine making, Eric Fabre's career includes eight years as Technical Director of Château Lafite Rothschild, as well as taking a much lesser known Médoc label to the highest accolades in only 6 years.

It was however, a lifelong dream to own a vineyard on the Mediterranean, so 2001 saw Eric and his wife Christine hunting from Perpignan to Nîmes for a high quality terroir. They were quickly seduced by the Château d'Anglès, and what a very understandable temptation! The beautiful renovated ancient stone buildings of the Château d'Anglès overlook the vines that slope gently down to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Hard really to imagine a more idyllic setting and just as hard to imagine a family more passionately dedicated to the constant improvement of the quality of their wines.

In the short time that the Fabre family has owned Château d'Anglès they have succeeded in revealing the true potential of this vineyard, and now have a range of award winning wines to show for their enthusiasm and commitment.

The Land
It began over 2000 years ago when Julius Cesar offered this rocky outcrop, now known as the massif de la Clape, as a grateful reward to his most favoured legionnaires. They were the first to plant the land in vines and successfully export their wine both east and west.

Their choice of variety is significant, as the Malvoisie grape was reputed in Greek mythology to proffer the gift of wisdom!

Winemaking has continued here ever since, and Languedoc region became part of France under the reign of Louis VIII, with a large part of it under the management of Anglès bailiffs from 1226 until the French revolution.

It was Barthélémy Etienne d'Anglès who took over the estate after the revolution when he was a local mayor in the late 1700's, with the vineyard then remaining in the Anglès family for over a hundred years.

The Château d'Anglès vines bask in 300 days of sunshine a year, enjoy an average temperature of 14°C and benefit from the prevailing dry northerly winds to keep them healthy. In addition, the moisture carried inland by the night sea breeze allows the grapes to reach full aromatic and phenolic maturation.

And it is the surrounding vegetation of the "garrigue", including pines, thyme, rosemary, juniper and the aromatic cistus bushes, which contributes the aromas that give the wines of the terroir de la Clape their specifically Mediterranean flavour.

This apparently dry and hostile environment belies its generosity, and in fact, the hard, stony, well-draining limestone soil, together with the sunny climate, all combine to offer exceptional wine growing conditions.

The Wine
Developed from the Bourboulenc grape, (also known as Malvoisie) the Château d'Anglès white wines have a pale yellow body with a highly elegant lemony and slightly flinty aroma. Smaller amounts of Marsanne, Roussanne and white Grenache add an extra floral and fruity complex. The red wines are made from Syrah for its blackcurrant flavours, with Mourvèdre giving them longevity and full bodied tannins and the Grenache Noir adding smoothness.

Château d'Anglès produces two ranges or cuvées of wine. The more complex and sophisticated “Terroir de La Clape” red and white wines are matured in oak casks and openly boast an expressive spicy character.

The “Coteaux du Languedoc” red, white and rosé wines are more suited to lovers of simpler, fresher, fruity and non-woody wines. Both ranges are of course produced with the same concern for quality.

This hard work have been rewarded by more than 40 medals in five years, (five Gold in 2006, seven Gold in 2007), and numerous selections in the best wine guidebooks.