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Introducing Chateau St. Louis

Château Saint Louis consists of 67 pristine acres nestled comfortably between the southern French towns of Toulouse and Montauban. Purchased in 1991 by Cecile And Ali Mahmoudi, The Château Saint Louis has since undergone a major transformation. For the last decade and a half, owner / winemaker Ali has been making traditional French wines with new world ideas. The results are hearty, delicious, award winning wines of uncommon character and distinction.

We visited Ali and his wife Cecile in the spring of 2006. We tasted the wines at the chateau with the sun setting over the vineyard and were warmed by a fire of spent vines. We ate Cecile's sensational Tolosan cooking and listened to Ali expound wide-eyed about the vintage, his plans and projects. There is no shortage of romance at Chateau Saint Louis, and we were taken immediately. But this atmosphere is just one of many manifestations of Ali Mahmoudi's passion and enthusiasm for his wine and his land. The creative spirit lives and breathes here in a way that has become much less common at other French estates.

We encourage you to taste for yourself the exceptional quality of these very affordable wines. These are not the tannic blockbusters of California or Australia; nor are they the tired fruitless dregs that blight so many staid old world winemakers. These are something else entirely... something deliciously fresh.