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Cavit MerlotCavit Merlot
Size: 750ml
Varietal: Merlot
Country: Italy
Region: Trentino
Producer: Cavit

In Trentino, this variety has found a particularly favorable environment and has become one of the regionís more abundantly cultivated red grapes. The cradle of production is represented by the vineyards of Trentinoís Valle Lagarina (Lagarina Valley) with other locales including Avio, Ala, Serravalle, Mori, Villalagarina, and Pomaroloe Nomi and only 100% merlot grapes are used. After a traditional maceration on the skins, the wine is transferred into glass-lined or stainless steel tanks and, in outstanding vintages, is aged in oak barrels.

Supple, rounded, smooth, and luscious flavors and tannins are consistent with premium Merlot. Beguiling aromas of fruit with accents of herbs with a color of ruby red with violet reflections.

Cavit Merlot is a perfect companion to grilled meats and most full-flavored dishes. Serve at room temperature.