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Courvoisier Erte #5Courvoisier Erte #5

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Size: 750ml
Country: France

One of the most dazzling artistic careers ended in 1990 when Erte died at the age of 97. He had just completed seven exclusive designs for COURVOISIER COLLECTION ERTE, the fifth of which is now presented in a limited edition of just 12,000 decanters worldwide. "Degustation" provides a fitting tribute to the great artist. Some of the eaux-de-vie used dates back to 1892, the year of the artist's birth.

Degustation (Tasting) is inspired by the "swirl" of cognac in the glass, which releases the passion and intensity of the spirit. This helps enhance our appreciation of the aroma and is the first stage in the tasting process. The precious spirit is protected by a uniquely numbered decanter, painstakingly produced by master craftsmen using the finest materials.