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Veliky Novgorod VodkaVeliky Novgorod Vodka

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Size: 750ml


Velky Vodka is a Premium Russian Vodka produced in Novgorod City. Records date back to 859 A.D. naming Veliky Novgorod as one of the oldest cities in Russia. The ancient Russian Czars governed this vast land from the Volga to the shores of the Artic Ocean. Widley acclaimed as a cultural and business center, the city also maintained a successful democratic government, thus the city was proclaimed as Veliky Novgorod the Great. Out of this glorious history emerged the birth of a beverage later to be called Vodka. These secret recipes date back to the 16th century when Ivan the Terrible proclaimed Vodka as the "Royal Drink of Russia". Veliky is triple filtered and triple distilled, using all natural ingredients and the purest of glacier waters. Once again this Premium Russian Vodka from the Novgorod region can be enjoyed by modern Russians and now Americans.

"Clear. Muted talcum and faint acetone nose. Smooth and buoyant on the attack with a light- to medium-bodied palate. Has mildly toasted grain and citrus notes with a hot, spicy finish. A hearty Russian style. International Review of Spirits Award: Bronze Medal"

-Rated 84, Tastings.com