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Oliver Winery Harvest Flavors Mango WineOliver Winery Harvest Flavors Mango Wine

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: Oliver Winery

Harvest Flavor wines begin life as nectar and pollen collected by bees and transported a microgram at a time to their Midwest hives. The blondest and most delicate of honey is collected by beekeepers by the pound and then sent to Oliver Winery by the ubiquitous tanker truck 44,000 pounds at a time. This leads naturally to the question, "How many bees does it take to make 44,000 pounds of honey?"

At Oliver Winery, they transform this high grade honey into the most pleasing and elegant of honey wines. Then 100% natural flavors are added to transform this honey wine into a showcase of flavor. It's so real you would think you are eating the fruit itself.

Who doesn't like the amazing flavor of Mango? You'll swear you are eating this fruit right off the tree.

Try this wine over ice or mixed with Ginger Ale as a spritzer. The perfect poolside beverage.