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Alpenwolfe Liqueur 1L.Alpenwolfe Liqueur 1L.

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Size: 1L.

ALPENWOLFE is a delicious herbal liqueur made using all natural herbs in a unique recipe from the Bavarian Alps. Serve it ice cold and you’ll truly understand that it’s is the SMOOOTH herbal liqueur alternative. Drink it in shots straight or mixed with your favorite energy drink.

ALPENWOLFE made its debut at the Nightclub & Bar Show Atlantic City in 2006. Since then has been present at Nightclub & Bar Shows throughout the United States. The product has received rave reviews and spawned widespread industry interest. ALPENWOLFE is scheduled to be showcased at several tradeshow and special events throughout 2013 to increase our sales territory.

ALPENWOLFE has had an immediate appeal to both on- and off-premise retailers as well as consumers who already enjoy shots in this category of spirits. Sold together, ALPENWOLFE and energy drinks deliver a profit margin that makes retailers take notice.

ALPENWOLFE is produced in Germany and it is now spreading nationwide through the US. Alpenwolfe’s Territory includes the States of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, and Louisiana and others are coming.