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Incognito Red WineIncognito Red Wine
Size: 750ml.
Producer: Incognito

"I awoke from my dream, in a state of dispair. I stifled a scream, and let out a swear.

I saw her last night, the Lady in Red, Flushed with delight, and clearly unwed.

Dancing and swirling, with such practiced ease, Dipping and twirling, like a rose in the breeze.

Attired in Rouge, so devishly displayed, She smiled so true, at the wine masquerade."

The first of the Incognito brand to join the Michael~David Masquerade was their Viognier. But who would the white mask pair with at a party? The Incognito Rouge was produced to create another enticing mystery for the consumer. The Rouge blend changes every vintage using very mysterious Rhone style varietals. Syrah, Mourvedre and Carignane are regulars to the bottle's enticement, but really, the only thing you can be sure of is that the contents will please your palate.