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Man Vintners Sauvignon BlancMan Vintners Sauvignon Blanc

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Size: 750ml.

Work's done. Kick Back. Crank up the tunes. This Sauvignon hits the spot. Blast of fruit and a bit of zing. This is a take-me-to-the-picnic wine. A 'had enough of cooking, let's order in some Chinese' wine. The wine to drink at your best friend's bachelorette party. You get the idea. Serve chilled.

The MAN Vintners Sauvignon Blanc has a lively bouquet of fruit reminiscent of pineapple and limes with a flinty touch. A refreshingly crisp Sauvignon Blanc that goes well with an afternoon lounging in the sun. Good with sushi, fish dishes and salads or simply as an aperitif.