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Newharbor Sauvignon BlancNewharbor Sauvignon Blanc
Size: 750ml.
Producer: Newharbor

A bite of gooseberry, a taste of guava, a zing of grapefruit, a waft of honeysuckle and a slight sea breeze all come together in Newharbor's Sauvignon Blanc. With subtle complexity, aromas pop and flavors glide in an elegant dance. Well-structured and perfectly balanced, fruit flavors and a hint of minerality linger through the finish. The lovely balance of crisp acids and full body will pair well with rich, buttery seafood such as pan-seared scallops or grilled sea bass.

Gooseberry and guava flavors in Sauvignon Blanc are unique to the New Zealand climate. “Halfway through the fermentation, the balance shifts and these distinct flavors emerge. My goal was to capture that moment in the glass,” explains winemaker Bob Masyczek. To accomplish this, grapes and juice were kept cool through harvest, followed by long fermentation in stainless steel. Individual lots were blended to expose complexities and layer subtle nuances for a nice, cohesive drinking wine.