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Wily Jack Chardonnay 2008Wily Jack Chardonnay 2008

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Size: 750ml

There are some people who are unpretentious when they could rightfully have an attitude (and vice versa). Same thing with wines. While the 2008 Wily Jack Chardonnay has what it takes to handle fancy dinners, itís downright pleasing and unpretentious enough to casually pour for friends over feet-up-and-relaxing conversation. Swirl and smell the aromas before you take a sip. Youíll find that the Chardonnay esters that developed during fermentation and aging are suggestive of pineapple and other tropical fruits; Granny Smith apple; citrus and sweet, aromatic spices. Then roll the wine around on your palate to hit every taste bud. All those fruits and spices reappear in the lively flavors, with zingy lemon zest and a little vanilla hanging on through the finish. Leaving the wine on the yeast during aging gave it that silky mouthfeel, along with vanilla and spice from the oak. Pair Wily Jack Chardonnay with whatever fits your mood; grilled steelhead is one of our favorites.