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Lustau Oloroso Sherry Don NunoLustau Oloroso Sherry Don Nuno

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Size: 750ml.

The Solera Reserva range offers benchmark examples of each classic Sherry style. Across the range they combine the complexity of maturity with a wonderful, almost youthful freshness. The Puerto Fino is particularly noteworthy: surely the best Fino Solera on the market, a wine that combines depth and concentration with sublime delicacy. The Gran Reservas are more intense - rich, nutty wines of great maturity.

East India is an appealing deep tawny brown, and offers a complex, mature nose of burnt sugar, spices, raisins, chocolate, walnuts and orange peel. It is sweet and full-bodied, with a smooth, almost treacle-like consistency, but good balancing acidity. There is a faint 'rancio' character that adds complexity, and a fresh, everlasting finish.

The Almacenista soleras, single-cask and other limited bottling each have unique, individual personalities. Please ask for individual tasting notes for any of the sherries currently available.