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Grahams Tawny Port 10 yearGrahams Tawny Port 10 year

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Size: 750ml.

Founded in 1820 by W&J Graham in Portugalís Douro valley, Grahamís has developed over time an unmatched reputation as one of the greatest names in Port. The superb performance of Grahamís Ports relies on the choice of the finest quality grapes, coming primarily from five Quintas, amongst the best in the upper Douro valley: Quinta dos Malvedos, Quinta do Tua, Quinta das Lages (in the Rio Torto) and two others, Quinta da Vila Velha and Quinta do Vale de Malhadas, privately owned by a member of the Symington family. These Quintas, sitting in the heart of the upper Douro valley, enjoy an ideal combination of a hot & dry micro-climate, coupled with a unique schist soil that provide the best conditions for growing and optimal ripening. In a tradition that lasts for generations, Grahamís also buys grapes from selected farmers in the finest districts

Time honored skills, craftsmanship and dedication are handed down from generation to generation at Grahamís in the form of three unique arts Ė the art of blending, the art of cooperage and the art of ageing Ė to produce an extraordinary selection of Tawny Ports.

A tribute to craftsmanship: Grahamís 10 Years Old is a tribute to craftsmanship, the passion for excellence, and unmatched precision, which is at the heart of every handmade Tawny Port. After a decade of care, this wine is a wonderful expression of Tawny Port. For those who appreciate quality in every detail.