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Fat Cat Pinot Noir 2011Fat Cat Pinot Noir 2011
Size: 750ml
Producer: Fat Cat

This Pinot Noir is smooth. Smooth as jazz. Smooth as the word “lounge.” Marvel at this Cat’s medium ruby color. Ask your tongue to dance with the bright, well-balanced blend. Wild berry aromas and lively accents of plum and raspberry swing together with crisp acidity and light tannins for one finesse of a finish. Juicy, man, juicy.


Play this velvety number solo or play it with something equally as smooth. Try Kenny G, Keiko Matsui, or David Sanborn. Some Diana Krall will definitely groove, too.


Here’s what to put on your plate. Try Goat Cheese or Brie on your favorite crackers. Maybe with some Ceviche. For entrées, match this Cat with Lamb, Blackened Chicken, Beef Brisket, Tuna, or Striped Bass.