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Jameson Irish Whiskey Gold ReserveJameson Irish Whiskey Gold Reserve

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Size: 750ml

"Unique blend of traditional old pure pot still whiskey and a rare whiskey which has been especially aged in new casks and the finest seasoned oak." Jim Murray, Malt Advocate's Industry leader of 1998, puts the whiskey "in the top ten of the world's whiskeys and the top five of the world's blends:" high praise indeed.

A stunningly huge-flavored Irish whiskey—especially considering it is a blend. All of you Speyside single malt scotch drinkers who think Irish whiskey is light and wimpy must try this one. This whiskey’s selling point is that a portion of it is aged in new oak. (Scotch and Irish whiskey are usually aged in barrels that previously contained bourbon or sherry). It seems that the new oak aging has given the whiskey a remarkable boost in oak flavor, which has been balanced with just the proper proportion of sherry-aged whiskey. That, combined with a good dose of pot still character, has made this a very big and masculine whiskey indeed.