Closeout Glassware

Lisa Mori:
Lisa Mori is pure culture in glass. Crafted with Diamond Crystal (24% lead), for fascinating brilliance, unadulterated clarity, and noble shine. Lisa Mori is the house brand of Inn Crystal. Inn Crystal produces glassware for Riedel, Waterford, Mikasa, Lenox, Oneida, and Leonardo among others. These glasses offer the exacting quality of Riedel Vinum at a fraction of the cost.

Claus Riedel was the first person in the long history of the glass to design its shape according to the character of the wine. He is thus the inventor of the functional wine glass.

"The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make. - Robert M.Parker, Jr.