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Jameson Irish Whiskey 12 year oldJameson Irish Whiskey 12 year old

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Size: 750ml

More Than A Whiskey Bottle

Every St. Patrick’s Day, we commemorate our Irish heritage by collaborating with some of the finest artists and illustrators Ireland has to offer. Each year one artist’s design and name appears alongside John Jameson’s on the St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Bottle.

About The Artist

This year, our bottle was designed by local Dublin artist Steve McCarthy, who merged historical and contemporary Dublin with his own unique style. Watch Steve McCarthy talk through his inspiration for creating this year’s Limited Edition Bottle in the video below.

The Story Behind The Bottle

The design was inspired by the Jameson family motto, Sine Metu; which means Without Fear, and an old

Irish phrase, “chancing your arm”, which translates to being open to new ideas and new people.

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Above all else, the 2017 Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Bottle was designed to be shared.