1800 Select Silver Tequila 100 proof 1L1800 Select Silver Tequila 100 proof 1L

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Size: 1L.

Named in commemoration of the year in which the first expertly aged Tequila was unveiled, 1800 still follows the standards of the original formula, created in 1800: Eight-year-old agaves and superior french and American oak wooden barrels selected by the 1800 Maestro Tequilero (Master Tequila Blender) are used. Its a painstaking process but one that yields a super-premium product.

Color: Crystal clear with blonde highlights.

Aroma: Agave, pepper, caramel, banana and pineapple.

Flavor: Smooth, rounded taste with forward agave sweetness.

Finish: Memorable with a soft finish.

Age: Aged in American Oak barrels for 15 days.