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Orin Swift Saldo Zinfandel 2015Orin Swift Saldo Zinfandel 2015
mb2208154Regular price: $28.23Sale price: $19.99
Size: 750ml.
Country: USA
Region: California
Producer: The Prisoner Wine Co.

Saldo is the prototypical Zinfandel that showcases some of Northern California’s most renowned Zinfandel vineyards and regions. The word “Saldo” is of Latin origin often referring to “from here and there” or in this case, representing our sourcing of Zinfandel from regions “here and there” across Northern California.

Saldo is sourced from some of California’s oldest, dry-farmed, historic vineyards. These vines are grown in distinct soil types in the cool climates of Sonoma and Mendocino county and stretching inland to the warmer regions of Lodi and the Sierra Foothills. The wine displays a dark ruby color with bold aromas of blackberry, plum and clove. The entry is rich and full, with juicy acidity encircled in flavors of Mexican chocolate, cherry and vanilla extract. There is a voluptuous and persistent finish with smooth tannins.