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Concannon Sauvignon Blanc 2009Concannon Sauvignon Blanc 2009

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Size: 750ml

Concannonís Selected Vineyards wines are well-loved varieties from select Central Coast vineyards and represent remarkable value. Californiaís Central Coast offers unmatched blending diversity from its multitude of microclimates. Cool region grapes contribute distinctive fresh fruit nuances and warm region grapes add depth of flavor and complexity. These highly acclaimed wines take no shortcuts and are easily worth twice their modest price.

Concannon Sauvignon Blanc, Selected Vineyards, Central Coast is a crisp and refreshing, food friendly wine. Stainless steel fermentation keeps this wineís flavors bright and lively, and on the nose you find fresh grapefruit, citrus, and tropical floral notes. The classic herbaceous and grassy characteristics typical to this variety also make a subtle appearance. With such perfume and a refined structure, this wine is a great value for the price.