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Knob Creek Bourbon 100 proofKnob Creek Bourbon 100 proof
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Size: 750ml
Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Producer: Jim Beam

The original. Still made in small batches to exacting standards.

Deep in Kentucky, tiny Knob Creek spills and riffles down through the hills. Like the bourbon bearing its name, there's not much of Knob Creek but what there is rewards your finding it.

Named after Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home in Kentucky, Knob Creek is truly bourbon at its finest. Created to represent whiskey before it was mass produced, Knob Creek embodies the look, feel and taste of pre-prohibition bourbon. This full-bodied, flavorful bourbon takes classic cocktails to a new level.

Knob Creek Bourbon, bottled at an honest 100 proof like all good bourbons were a century ago, is aged nine years in charred American white oak which lends this bourbon its maple sugar aroma, distinctive sweetness and rich, full-bodied flavor, giving it the distinction of being aged the longest of the Small Batch Bourbons. This extra aging allows it to absorb more of the sugar in the wood, giving it a slightly sweeter taste and nose.

Age: 9 years
Proof: 100
Color: Deeper and darker amber pour.
Aroma: Expansive notes of maple sugar, toasted nuts and oak.
Taste: Takes over your palate with big notes of oak, caramel and fruit.
Finish: Long and smooth but with more kick than most.
Award: National Champion Whiskey - Wine Enthusiast

Comments: "At 100 proof, Knob Creek is as close to perfection as any bourbon on the market." - The Book of Bourbon