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Appleton Estate VX Rum 1.0LAppleton Estate VX Rum 1.0L

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Size: 1L.

Deep in the heart of Jamaica’s lush countryside is rum’s heaven: the Nassau Valley. Here sits the legendary Appleton Estate, where water is filtered by nature’s hand as it percolates for miles through unmapped limestone hills before it flows into the Appleton Estate spring. In this warm, verdant setting, Appleton Estate has been perfecting the art of making handcrafted rum for over 260 years.

The Nassau Valley has ideal conditions for growing sugar cane, a unique micro-climate where the mornings are warm and sunny and the afternoons experience gentle rain showers. The soil of the Nassau Valley is extremely fertile, and this also allows the sugar cane to flourish. The different species of sugar cane that are grown are specially selected for the unique character that they impart to the rums.

All Appleton Estate Jamaica rum is produced on this single estate – a small circumscribed geographic area where the “terroir” imparts a unique character. The Estate-grown sugar cane is individually harvested and distilled, adding distinctive buttery, fruity notes to the rums. Their proprietary generations-old natural yeast culture contributes to Appleton’s dynamic fermentation process.