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Gunderloch Riesling Auslese 3 Star 1996Gunderloch Riesling Auslese 3 Star 1996

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Size: 750ml.

The Gunderloch estate was created by a banker hailing from Mainz in 1890 during the German Gründerzeit. Carl Gunderloch, originating from Gundersheim, acquired the Dalheimer Hof from the secularised property of the Cistercian abbey of Dalheim near Mainz, as well as some outstanding vineyards like the “Nackenheimer Rothenberg” in the “Roter Hang” (Red slope). Following his capital investment he became a protagonist of a new quality oriented viticulture on the Rhinefront. After his death, his winery was divided between his two daughters. Meanwhile Agnes Hasselbach-Usinger works as the fifth generation in the winery. Three children of the sixth generation share the responsibility according to their skills.