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Lancers RoseLancers Rose

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Size: 750ml
Producer: Lancers

Red grapes are fermented apart from their skins at a temperature of approximately 60ºF. The wine then undergoes a process known as “continuous method” which provides Lancers Rose with its touch of effervescence. In the process, the wine is filtered, cold stabilized, and then a small quantity of naturally sweet grape juice and yeast is added. The wine then passes through a series of stainless steel tanks at 65ºF and an atmospheric pressure of 4.5 Bars for a period of eight days while the secondary fermentation is completed. Prior to bottling, additional fresh grape juice is added to ensure the desired level of sweetness, followed by a final finishing filtration.

Color: Clear, bright pink with a salmon hue.

Bouquet: Fragrant, with scents of fresh berries.

Taste: Delightfully approachable style, with lively fruit flavors that extend into the finish.