BV Coastal Merlot 375mlBV Coastal Merlot 375ml

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Size: 375ml.
Producer: BV

Smooth and silky, BV Coastal Estate's 2005 Merlot unfolds in delicious layers of ripe cherry, berry, plum and mocha, with hints of vanilla oak. The ripe tannins provide supple structure, with an excellent balance of fruit-focused flavors and subtle oak complexity. This wine's easy-to-enjoy, velvety flavors pair nicely with pork tenderloin, grilled steak, lamb kebabs, roast turkey and mushroom risotto. They also taste great with barbecued chicken or pizza topped with fennel-spiced Italian sausage. Serve at a cool room temperature.

At the winery, they fermented the must (crushed grapes) in stainless steel tanks until dry. They pumped the fermenting juice over the cap three times a day to extract flavor, color and tannins from the skins. After pressing and settling the wine, they aged it in a combination of oak barrels and stainless steel tanks for a year. Their winemaker added Cabernet Sauvignon for tannin structure and berry notes and splashes of several other grapes for spice to the final blend.