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BV Coastal Riesling 2010BV Coastal Riesling 2010

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: BV

BV Coastal Estate's 2007 Riesling greets the nose with fragrant pear and dried apricot plumed by orange blossom. The balance of ripe fruit and bright acidity interweave to create an inviting, medium-bodied wine that smoothly slides across the palate with juicy peach and lychee flavors highlighted by a classic flinty finish. The refined structure and subtle sweetness of this wine pairs nicely with the hot peppers, warm ginger and sweet basil flavors of Thai food as well as complementing the fresh summer fare of any picnic.

To achieve the refined interplay of fruit and mineral flavors, a delicate hand throughout winemaking is essential. The grapes were pressed and put into stainless steel tanks for long, cool fermentation to ensure essential retention of bright fruit flavors, ultimate complexity and balance. Just before dryness, the winemaker brought temperatures down a few degrees to arrest fermentation, leaving a hint of residual sugar for a nice, rounded mouthfeel and hint of sweetness.