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Hogue Cellars Riesling Late Harvest 2015Hogue Cellars Riesling Late Harvest 2015
Size: 750ml
Producer: Hogue Cellars

Eastern Washington’s low annual rainfall and cool nights during the growing season make it the perfect area for producing consistently great late harvest wines. Hogue has developed a style with Late Harvest White Riesling that includes a level of sweetness around four percent. Richness, viscosity and crisp balancing acidity without overpowering botrytis character. The Late Harvest Riesling bottling is produced from our best Riesling vineyards, which have the ability to ripen to the required 24+ Brix level. At that level of ripeness the wine develops its trademark tangerine/apricot flavors and crispness. The Late Harvest Riesling has aromas and flavors of dried pineapple, mandarin orange, orange blossom, apricot and powdered sugar. Flavors are rich and sweet, with dried apricot and pipe tobacco complexities and great sugar–acid balance. Pair this luscious wine with bittersweet chocolate or a baked Washington Fuji apple.