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Hogue Cellars Pinot Grigio 2010Hogue Cellars Pinot Grigio 2010
Size: 750ml
Producer: Hogue Cellars

Pinot Grigio continues to gain popularity throughout the U.S. Known as Pinot Gris in France, the grapes are named for their characteristic grayish color, but they actually take on a pink and even purple hue as they ripen. Pinot Grigio is a refreshing white with plenty of fruit character. This Pinot Grigio has up front aromas of pear and white peach, with hints of almonds, vanilla and cherries. Flavors are similar: rich and soft, with pear and peach. Serve this wine with light pasta dishes, shrimp, chicken fettuccini Alfredo, or anything you would pair with Chardonnay.