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Oroya Sushi Wine 2011Oroya Sushi Wine 2011

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: Oroya

Comprised of three unusual grape varieties, Oroya is blended specifically to match the flavors and textures of sushi. With the skill of a master blender, Japanese-born winemaker Yoko Sato selected aspects from each of the individual wine components to accentuate the sushi experience.

The lion’s share of Oroya is made from Airén (60%), whose bright fruit characteristics provide a vivid counterpart to the bold flavors of soy, wasabi and fresh seafood.

Macabeo (30%) offers a crisp framework, cleansing the palate after each bite.

Aromatic Muscat (10%) provides a perfumed element and sweet fruit character to temper the heat found in wasabi.

The result of winemaker Yoko Sato’s personal quest to find the ideal wine for sushi, Oroya represents the fusion of two cultural treasures and traditions: Japanese food and Spanish wine. With its complex flavors, sushi and its accompanying ingredients require a wine that is crisp, aromatic and fruit-forward. Crafted from three unique grape varieties, Oroyo is a model wine for sushi enthusiasts.

Wine as an eminently sushi-friendly beverage The explosion of sushi around the globe is proof of an unprecedented level of consumer interest in Japanese cuisine. Once restricted to the selection of beer or sake with sushi, savvy diners from Tokyo to Manhattan are choosing wine as the perfect accompaniment to their sushi experience. Oroya complements each sushi taste element with surprising versatility and never overpowering the flavors in the food.