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Rosemount Chardonnay Show Reserve Mudgee ValleyRosemount Chardonnay Show Reserve Mudgee Valley

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Size: 750ml.

Rosemountís Show Reserve wines pay tribute to the great wine regions of Australia and their ability to produce defining examples of celebrated varietals. This range allows them to express the particular regional characteristics of each wine made in the true Rosemount style. Crafted from premium parcels of grapes these wines receive additional maturation in the winery cellars, enabling them to develop the distinctive bouquet and rich varietal flavours for which their region is renowned.

Colour: Pale golden straw with green tinges.
Nose: Enticing zesty, citrus aromas and grapefruit notes are balanced by buttery, creamy almost nutty tones from the integrated oak.
Palate: This is a dry, almost savoury wine, with great texture and mouthfeel. Appealing grapefruit and melon flavours span the palate alongside a suggestion of subtle oak that allows the fruit to hold the lime light. A very refreshing Chardonnay.