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Smoking Loon Zinfandel 2013Smoking Loon Zinfandel 2013

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: Smoking Loon

This Zinfandel pours a slightly translucent garnet in the glass, with an enticing aroma of spice and mixed berry. Raspberry, clove, and white pepper draw you in, and the interplay between fruit and spice changes and evolves on the palate, a tell-tale quality of a fine wine. Spiced blackberry cobbler and rich caramel come through nicely on the initial taste. The dried fruit character on the mid-palate reveals its old vine terroir, especially as the wine transitions to its gamey, sweet, and lightly tart finish, leaving a hint of black raspberry in its wake. With the wide breadth of flavors that this wine brings to the table, this sophisticated Zinfandel should please both the occasional wine drinker and the connoisseur alike.

The well-integrated, high quality Oregon oak together with this Zinfandelís great spice and fruit balance make this the perfect barbeque wine. The sweet and spicy flavors of teriyaki pork would match up brilliantly with the flavors in this Zin. A gourmet meatloaf with roasted pearl onions is also an excellent option to go with the sweet and dark fruit in this wine. Also delicious to drink on its own, this wine evokes thoughts of a large leather chair, and perhaps a cigar much like the Smoking Loon himself would enjoy.