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Size: 750ml

Anise flavored liqeuer, also used as an absinthe substitute.

With the creation and popularity of Pernod, there was, for the first time, an absinthe drink that was refreshingly pleasant. Pernod became an international smash, its charms exported not only by Pernod salesmen, but by French soldiers and colonists.

But, as the 20th century rolled around, this magical healing potion was cast as the root of dementia, criminality, degeneracy and tuberculosis. After all, it did contain wormwood, a hallucinogen. Scientists, politicians and winemakers attacked absinthe, pressuring the French government to ban absinthe on January 7th, 1915.

Pernod, the company manufacturing nothing but absinthe, closed down.

When WW I ended, the French decided they wanted their Pernod back. In 1920, Pernod was allowed to make aniseed drinks, albeit with a changed formula.

The Pernod we sell does not contain wormwood.