Tamari Torrontes 2009Tamari Torrontes 2009

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: Tamari

Tamari Torrontés is a white wine that comes from the Fatima Valley in La Rioja, Argentina. Here, the climate is well balanced between warm daytime temperatures and cool nightime temperatures- bringing out the finest qualities of the Torrontés varietal. The vineyard is at an altitude of 1,000 meters and contains medium deepness, sandy soil with good drainage. Tamari Torrontés is an intense white wine with an aroma of roses, tangerines, and tropical fruit alond with notes of hazelnut, vanilla and cinnamon. Try this fruity and floral wine with semi ripe cheeses or seafood like trout, sea bass, swordfish, oysters, scallops or crab. Its also a great food match for meats like chicken, veal, partridge, turkey as well as cold meats like salami and ham. Anything made from corn with spices and herbs such as basil, curry and mustard will also be perfect for Tamari Torrontés.