Romerhof Beerenauslese 375ml. 2009Romerhof Beerenauslese 375ml. 2009

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Size: 375ml.
Varietal: Sylvaner
Country: Germany
Region: Mosel
Sub-Region: Trittenheim
Producer: Romerhof

Beerenauslese (literally “individual berry selection”) is a wine made from hand-selected individual grapes that have been affected by botrytis cinerea or ‘noble rot’, a fungus that dehydrates the berries and adds a unique honeyed flavor to the wines. This rare condition in the vineyard allows for the extraction of very concentrated flavors and sugars in the tiny amount of dehydrated juice of the affected grapes. The resulting wine is extremely rich, dense and viscous with a unique profile. Often, Beerenauslese is called ‘BA’ for short.

Römerhof beerenauslese is produced in very small quantity and only when the weather and vineyard have suitable conditions.

Aromas and fl avors of honey and caramelized fruit.

Enjoyed with aged cheeses and other complimentary desserts.