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Finlandia Cranberry Vodka 1.0LFinlandia Cranberry Vodka 1.0L

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Size: 1L.

"Brilliant dark pink in color with mauve and orange tinges. Lovely bouquet of real cranbarries with slight medicinal undertones. On the palate, very fruity and quite sweet but with no trace of the slightly bitter tang of fresh cranberry juice. Surprisingly waxy in texture with an outstanding balance of fruitiness, acidity, and alcohol. It gives a long lingering flavor in the mouth. I am not persuaded by the producer's suggestion that it can be mixed with other fruit juices such as orange or grapefruit as I find the flavors clash or smother each other. But it does make a wonderfully original and very refreshing long drink when mixed with tonic and ice. As this is undoubtedly one of the best and most honest-flavored vodkas on the market why not drink it straight and chilled? Alternatively, it is a lovely sipping vodka for after dinner."

Rating : **** - Desmond Begg, The Vodka Companion