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Cockburns Special Reserve PortCockburns Special Reserve Port

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Size: 750ml
Producer: Cockburns

10 Years Old Tawny is a light, medium tawny-colored wine. The aroma is clean, showing a good balance of sweetness and acidity mingled with a soft nuttiness permeating through the rich complexity of wood-aged wine. It is round and delicate on the palate, yet crisp and lively with a soft, mellow background and a good long aftertaste. The crispness and "grip" that are the hallmark of Cockburn's tawnies come from the judicious blending and the continuous refreshing of these wood-aged wines. The Cockburn's style is less sweet than most other tawnies, which gives it a firmness on the palate and helps to avoid the cloying effect of many aged wines.

Serve 10 Years Old Tawny port with cream desserts, such as cheesecake, crŤme brulee or flan, or simply pecans or almonds. The 10 Years Old Tawny can also be served slightly chilled as an aperitif, and served with almonds or pecans.

Older tawny ports are known as "indicated age." These wines carry an indication of the blendís age on the label, given in multiples of 10 years (Cockburnís 10 and 20 Years Old). Portuguese law allows for the age to be approximate.

Cockburnís 10 Years Old is blended from older, mature wines aged in cask and then refreshed by the addition of younger wines. The "indicated age" is the average age of the wines in the blend. These wines exhibit a silky smoothness from the cask aging and are ready to enjoy upon release. The constant blending and re-blending assures a consistent style.