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Sauza Tequila TriadaSauza Tequila Triada

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Sauza Triada is a completely contemporary expression of the centuries of Sauza Tequila tradition and heritage. Triada carries the finest ultra-premimum Anejo and 100% Blue Agave credentials combined with a unique two stage aging process that produces an unparalleled, perfectly balanced, distinctive taste.

- Color : Sunset Gold.
- Aroma : A magnificent offering of the earthy scents of soft fruits, subtle sweet agave and the freshness of classic young Tequila tempered with gentle oak.
- Body : A complex feeling of gentle heat and fresh earthy notes in the mouth.
- Taste : Exceptional balance! An intriguing blend of toasted almonds and oak, mingled with mild spice dried fruits and classic blue agave.
- Finish : Warm and mellow with a lasting spicy finish.