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Fonseca Bin #27 PortFonseca Bin #27 Port

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Size: 750ml
Producer: Fonseca

"Vintage character" is descriptive of a type of port blended from high quality reserve wines from a range of vintages, which, similar to late bottled vintage port, shows some of the characteristics of true vintage port. Most vintage character ports, which have only become widely commercialized since the 1950s, carry a brand name and vary widely in style from house to house.

Fonseca Bin No. 27 was created over a century ago for family consumption, and only released commercially in 1972. It is produced primarily from wines from Fonseca's own quintas in the Cima Corgo and thus shows an exceptional quality and consistency from year to year. Blended from reserve wines selected for their intense fruit character and depth of color, Fonseca Bin No. 27 spends four years in large wood vats prior to bottling.

Although it may improve slightly with bottle age, Bin No. 27 is ready to consume when bottled. It does not require decanting, as a cold precipitation prior to bottling prevents any "crust" from forming. Fonseca Bin No. 27 is one of the most widely consumed vintage character ports in the United States, and Fonseca's standard bearer worldwide. Its well-knit structure, rich, velvety full body and luscious blackcurrant and cherry flavors, also evident in the nose, carry into an intense, lingering finish. Bin No. 27 should be served at room temperature either alone or with simple, classic last courses and desserts. It is best consumed within two weeks after uncorking.