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Del Maguey Crema de MezcalDel Maguey Crema de Mezcal
Size: 750ml

Del Maguey presents another unique traditional libation made in the lush, remote mountains of Oaxaca Mexico. Crema de Mezcal, is a combination of Miel de Maguey (unfermented syrup of the roast agave) and Mezcal San Luis del Rio - double distilled from 100% mature agave Espadin, produced the original, natural 400-year-old, hand-crafted way.

Crema de Mezcal has a nose of roast maguey, with vanilla and pear, a creamy sweet, almond, apple, coffee, pineapple pallate and a long sweet orange, smoky finish.

As the Five day maguey roast is uncovered, the Miel of a few of the sweetest magueys are pressed out. Twenty percent Miel de Maguey is added to eighty percent San Luis del Rio resulting in an 80.6 proof Crema de Mezcal.

It will have a plastic topped cork with it's 2002 gold medal, a black plastic shrink collar and the same style DM label as always. All the Distributors, Sales People, Chefs, Bartenders, Restaurant managers and DM afficionados as well as ordinary citizens that have tasted Crema have not left us in peace... for the last five years... wanting to know when it will be available... so here it is. Sip this delicious beverage before, during and after meals. Make a great margarita with nothing other than fresh lime juice. Drizzle it over any fruit or pastry for desert. Enjoy !