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O'Reillys Irish CreamO'Reillys Irish Cream

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Size: 750ml.

O’Reillys Irish Cream maintains the velvety texture and taste of its spirit-based Irish cream cousin, but with a softer, smoother finish from the use of wine versus whiskey.

O’Reillys is crafted from the freshest Irish cream that is delivered the same day as the cows were milked from the local farmers of “The Golden Vale” in County Tipperary. O`Reillys is seasoned sweetly with natural Irish sugar and then blended in small batches (200 litres) with grape spirits instead of Irish whiskey. “The Golden Vale” is known as the most fertile land in all of Europe producing dairy unequalled in the world. O`Reillys is heat pasteurized for a fresh guaranteed shelf life of 18 months.