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Candoni Pinot Noir 2013Candoni Pinot Noir 2013

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: Candoni

Candoni Pinot Noir comes from only the best pinot noir grapes grown in the spectacular Veneto region. It is full-bodied and rich but not heavy, with substantial flavor despite its delicacy, and is neither acidic nor tannic. It is dry with a good, elegantly balanced structure that lacks all roughness. The bouquet offers scents of red and black currants in combination with refined notes of vanilla. It is a ruby red color that resembles the lush shades of wild berries. Well-suited to pair with a wide variety of foods. The best matches to show off the delicacy and texture are: grilled meaty fish, roasted and braised lamb, pheasant and duck, a good cut of plain roast beef, or any dish that features mushrooms as the main flavor element.