Hahn MerlotHahn Merlot

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Size: 750ml.
Producer: Hahn

Even though this was a complete wine from the start, those who know me know that Iím never satisfied and so chose to blend in some Cabernet Sauvignon to add coarser tannins to the midpalate and some Petit Verdot to stretch those same tannins out at the finish. The nose stays respectful of the varietal with the most prominent aromatics being dark cherry, plum, and a delicate whiff of tea leaf over the top. Dark fruit flavors make up the core with added layers of raspberry, and cassis from the blenders. The mouth is soft and developed since the strength of the fruit hides any bitterness and melds so well with the astringency of the new oak. A bit more acid than in the previous vintage adds a level of brightness to the wine and draws out the finish pretty seamlessly.