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Paulaner Salvator 500mlPaulaner Salvator 500ml

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Size: 500ml

Paulaner Salvator is the founding father of all Bavarian stouts, and the originator of all “-ator” beers. With an alcohol content of 7.9%, it is not only the strongest beer brewed by the Paulaner Brewery, but also has the most tradition: Paulaner Salvator has been brewed from 100% Munich malt to a handed-down recipe for 375 years. Today, it is the highest-selling “double bock” beer in Germany.

Paulaner Salvator is dark, full-bodied and strong, and wonderfully malty in flavour and aroma – a perfectly balanced, round, quaffable stout speciality.

Alcohol: 7.9%
Original wort: 18.3%
Calories: 68.0 kcal/100 ml