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Rogue Brewery Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale 22ozRogue Brewery Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale 22oz
Size: 22oz.

HazelNut Brown Nectar is a nutty twist to a traditional European Brown Ale. Dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish. Dedicated to the homebrewer in each of us--the homebrewer who inspired this creation is Chris Studach, a friend of Rogues resident wizard John Maier, who added a Northwest twist to the classic style by adding hazelnuts for the host homebrew at the 1993 American Homebrewers Association convention. Chris put the nut in nut brown!

Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale is a blend of Great Western 2-row Pale, Munich, Hugh Baird Brown, Crystal 80 and Crystal 135, Carastan, and Beeston Pale Chocolate malts; hazelnut extract; Perle and Saaz hops.

Measurements: 14 Plato, IBU 33, Apparent Attenuation 73.6, Lovibond 36.